Scientists have found a way to get rid of nightmares: “imagine the worst”

Ученые нашли способ избавиться от кошмаров: "визуализируйте самое страшное"

Scientists believe that the best way to get rid of nightmares is their rehearsal

To effectively get rid of the nightmares helps the method of rehearsal, mental images, intentional representation of the terrible stories and images that are scary.

This was stated by scientists from the American Academy of medicine, Neuroscience News reports.

A sleep disorder in severe cases leads to the regular occurrence of nightmares, which lead to physical suffering or mental disorders. The nightmares affects about 4 percent of adults. These dreams can dramatically impair quality of life.

Ученые нашли способ избавиться от кошмаров: "визуализируйте самое страшное"

Bad dreams can also cause and intensify some mental illnesses, such as depression or anxiety.

To get rid of nightmares, you need to imagine the plot likely a bad dream in a relaxed and peaceful state. The content of the dream needs to change as long as the plot and nothing will be left unclear and alarming. It disturbed Association, “sleep threat” removed the anxiety and sense of helplessness.

This method — a kind of cognitive reappraisal, which many (consciously or not) used in everyday life. The most famous example of this strategy: the performance in front of a large audience to provide listeners in their underwear.

The scientists also recommended to be in the light, to relax and to relax muscles. The President of the American Academy of medicine, Dr. Douglas Kirsch notes that an effective method of getting rid of nightmares is better to choose a specialist.

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In General, for the treatment of nightmare disorders can be used a variety of approaches, including cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnosis and some prescription drugs. It should also be added that the working group of scientists came to the conclusion that the drug anti-anxiety and antidepressants are not recommended for the treatment of disorders of nightmares.

Ученые нашли способ избавиться от кошмаров: "визуализируйте самое страшное"

Note that sometimes, the plots of our dreams are so strange that none of the dreams will not be able to decrypt them. But still, the experts were able to uncover the secrets of the main scenarios of our dreams. It seriously took doctor sleep from Australia Martin Kocian that specializiruetsya on the interpretation and analysis of different dreams.

She highlighted 4 of the most popular scenarios of sleep:

  • drop,
  • floor,
  • prosecution
  • the loss of teeth.

We will remind, why do we dream: the meaning of night visions to humans.

As reported Politeka can make sleep more useful, revealed a simple secret.

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