Scientists have found a new drug for the effective treatment of cancer

Ученые нашли новый препарат для эффективного лечения рака

The effectiveness of the drug for humans is not yet proven to be definitely done in future studies.

Scientists from the Monash Institute located in Melbourne, Australia, has revealed a new way of dealing with cancer. We are talking about the drug that stops tumor growth with virtually no side effects. This writes Lenta referring to MedicalXpress.

It is reported that the preparation contains molecules that inhibit the activity of proteins КАТ6А and КАТ6В that act in tumor cells. As shown by preclinical trials, off КАТ6А encoding gene is able to prolong the lifespan of mice suffering from lymphoma.

As a result of taking this drug in cancer cells is disrupted cycle, and the pressure stops. The development of Australian scientists does not affect healthy tissue. This new drug differs from the usual types of chemotherapy.

Scientists believe that this therapy may help in the fight against relapse after the first treatment. However, while the efficacy of the drug for humans is not yet proven, what will be done in future research.

Earlier it became known that the use of small doses of aspirin helps prevent the development of ovarian cancer, and reduce the risk of disease. This was reported by scientists from the National Institute Moffitt.

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