Scientists have found a long lost artifact: reveal the mystery of Stonehenge

Ученые нашли давно утерянный артефакт: раскроет тайну Стоунхенджа

Scientists have discovered an ancient artifact that will help to shed light on the mystery of Stonehenge

This was reported by Bloomberg online. As it turned out, about 60 years ago, one of the elements of the known stone structures disappeared. The fragment was part of the design of a monolithic form, found in 1958. However, almost immediately after the discovery, he disappeared.

And not so long ago it became known that this gem was stolen from the research one of the archaeologists named Robert Phillips. He hid the stone in his office, and then flew with him to the United States. And only in that moment, when he turned 90, he decided that it was time to return the archaeological discovery of a historical Commission of the UK.

Scientists, after receiving the stone back, confident that it will help to know who built the legendary building and why. Note that Stonehenge is shrouded by a lot of mysteries and theories.

We will remind, some scientists believe that Stonehenge could be built elsewhere.

Yet it was reported that archaeologists found evidence of who was the Builder of Stonehenge.

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