Scientists have found a cure for a dangerous disease: “millions of people will be saved”

Ученые нашли лекарство от опасного заболевания: "миллионы людей будут спасены"

Scientists found a vaccine for a dangerous venereal disease

Chlamydia is a dangerous sexually transmitted disease that may be asymptomatic, writes Therefore, many patients find it after thorough medical tests, when it has become chronic.

Ученые нашли лекарство от опасного заболевания: "миллионы людей будут спасены"

Scientists from the UK and Denmark are at the final stage of the development of a vaccine against chlamydia. Chlamydia is one of the most common diseases.

The main danger that is chlamydia is that it can cause infertility both in men and women. Antibiotics are already losing their relevance and not everyone helps. Every year there are 131 million new cases of chlamydia. More dangerous is that around three quarters of cases chlamydia has no symptoms.

According to the researchers from Imperial College London and the Statens Serum Institute in Denmark, early controlled trials have provided an immune response which they were hoping to get. It is worth noting that all the women who participated in the experiment are not mentioned themselves in serious side effects.

Ученые нашли лекарство от опасного заболевания: "миллионы людей будут спасены"

“The most important result is that we have received protective antibodies against chlamydia in the genital tract. They prevent the penetration of bacteria into the cells of the body. This means that we are much closer to a vaccine against chlamydia,” said study author Frank Folman from SSI.

Earlier it was reported that doctors have warned about the occurrence of dangerous allergies period. Is allergic to dust mites.Yu She affects all people without exception, and especially the children. At the first appearance of disease symptoms should contact a medical facility. Self-treatment may cause irreparable harm to the body and cause the appearance of asthma.

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