Scientists have figured out what product reduces the risk of heart attack

Ученые выяснили, какой продукт снижает риск инфаркта

Scientists reported which product will help prevent heart attack people who are exposed to it

The risk of heart attack in hypertensive patients is reduced by almost a third by eating just two servings of yogurt a week. It could set scientists from Boston University.

That yogurt is very useful for people who suffer from hypertension, the experts can see, analyzing data from studies involving over 55 million women and 18 million men. It showed that eating two servings of yogurt a week effectively strengthens the vascular system, increasing the body’s resistance to diseases of the heart (specifically, the development of a heart attack).

Ученые выяснили, какой продукт снижает риск инфаркта

The study to which scientists appeal, participants with diagnosed hypertension had consumed a few servings of yogurt a week. The result is especially important against the background of their admission decreased the risk of heart attack in women.

“In women, the risk of myocardial infarction decreased by 30%, men 19%,” stated the authors of the project.

The researchers added that women with two servings of yogurt per week also decreased the need for vascular surgeries — on average, it decreased by 16%.

In addition, the researchers believe that, in addition to yogurt, to the victims of hypertension should eat fruits and vegetables high in fiber. Such symbiosis will make health benefits of the power for vessels greater that, respectively, increase and protection from the risk of a heart attack.

Note that physical activity helps to avoid premature death for those who suffered a heart attack.

These findings from the study made by Swedish cardiologists who watched 22 thousands of patients who have had myocardial infarction.

In the study they found that patients who suffered a heart attack and then led a physically active life, every day doing exercises for 30 minutes, had a significantly lower risk of dying than volunteers who did not train.

Not a frequent physical exercise reduced the likelihood of death after myocardial infarction by 37 percent, and the permanent load 59 percent.

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Ученые выяснили, какой продукт снижает риск инфаркта

The scientists also stressed that people who suffered a heart attack, should quit Smoking, eat a healthy diet, and pay special attention to the exercises at least twice a week.

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