Scientists have figured out how to make blood vessels healthier: save the hearts of many

Ученые придумали, как заставить сосуды оздоравливаться: спасет сердца многих

This disease is the first cause of heart attacks and strokes that lead to mortality in modern times. But the California scientists have found a way to beat this disease that will save billions of lives around the world

Atherosclerosis of vessels of heart and brain – a disease of the arteries caused by excess cholesterol is one of the most common factors leading to the death of a man in the modern world.

Scientists from the University of California have found a way to make the blood vessels to get rid of the pernicious excess of cholesterol.

Ученые придумали, как заставить сосуды оздоравливаться: спасет сердца многих

The results of a study by American scientists published in the journal Nature Medicine. They found that effects on gene MeXis can contribute to intensive cleansing of the arteries from cholesterol plaques due to the accumulation of which of developing atherosclerosis, leading to coronary heart disease, as well as to a number of violations of intellectual and emotional properties.

According to scientists, the biological function of the gene MeXis is to produce acids lncRNA that play a key role in the mechanism of withdrawal of cholesterol from cells in the walls of blood vessels.

Experiments on mice have allowed to establish that in animals with reduced activity of a gene MeXis artery two times the amount of cholesterol filled plaques. When the researchers increased the activity of the gene in these animals, from the blood vessels in their body cholesterol started much faster, “washed” with the blood.

The researchers will test different methods to enhance gene MeXis. They admit that medicine can obtain fundamentally new methods of treatment of cardiovascular diseases due to genetic correction.

Ученые придумали, как заставить сосуды оздоравливаться: спасет сердца многих

Atherosclerosis can cause stroke, coronary heart disease, other serious cardiac pathologies. This violation can be expressed in such symptoms as insomnia, tinnitus, weakness and lethargy, excessive sweating, increased pressure, irritability, depression.

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