Scientists have discovered why quitting Smoking is difficult

Scientists have discovered why a complete quitting Smoking is not easy. The study was conducted by a number of specialists from the University of Michigan.

For their experiments, the researchers used roundworms belonging to the species Caenorhabditis elegans. First, they have developed their addiction to nicotine, and then deprived them of the substance, and watched their reaction.

As a result of the research, the scientists identified several genes that are responsible for increased production of proteins nicotinic receptors. It turned out that they are a key factor in the formation of nicotine addiction.

Guinea worms showed a reaction, which is usually characterized by mammals. Scientists believe that the results of their research can be used to study people’s dependence on nicotine. Previously it was thought that such genes have no effect on nicotine dependence.

The researchers also found that individual components of tobacco smoke are capable of changing the functioning of the protein “packaging” DNA. This gene appears vulnerable to the fact that there was accumulated mutations. It is considered one of the most likely causes of cancer in smokers with the experience.

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