Scientists have discovered what food causes disorder of the nervous system

Ученые выяснили, какая еда вызывает расстройство нервной системы

It turns out that the view food is not a whim but a vital necessity

Scientists from Israel found that tasteless food is bad for the mood, can cause depression and even apathy.

Also scholars have suggested that bad food can cause disorder of the nervous system and can be of cause of fatigue. The most negative poor food affects people who already suffer from various depressive States.

Ученые выяснили, какая еда вызывает расстройство нервной системы

Most at risk women who sit on the various mono-diets. Causing the body is deprived of nutrients that enter the body with a variety of food.

In turn, the head of the psychiatric Association, a Professor at Columbia University in new York drew Ramsey said that proper nutrition can reduce the risk of depression by 40%. The scientist is convinced that the food has become one of the main ways the prevention and treatment of most diseases of the brain and mental disorders.

Doctor of medical Sciences, psychiatrist at the University of Massachusetts and Harvard medical school Emily deans says that the stomach and brain “communicate” with each other bodies. Experiments, in particular, show that under stress then there are negative changes in the intestinal microflora. Conversely, problems with the stomach can lead to depression and a sharp decline in producing serotonin, the so called hormone of happiness.

Ученые выяснили, какая еда вызывает расстройство нервной системы

Earlier it was told that with a headache at one time or another experienced almost every one of us. It can occur due to other health problems, magnetic storms or certain external factors. As it turned out, one of them may be everyday eating habits of the person.

Ukrainian physician and nutritionist Tiana violet talked about how food can cause headaches. In its recommendations, it was based on the results of research of the National headache Foundation in new York.

One of the most dangerous health products head were cheeses and red wine. Aged cheeses and red wine contain enough tyramine, a product of protein breakdown. It constricts capillaries, leading to vascular spasm with a headache. Red wine has more polyphenols, which prevent the metabolism of serotonin in the brain.