Scientists have discovered the therapeutic properties of sex: “the best remedy…”

Ученые обнаружили лечебные свойства интима: "лучшее средство от..."

Sex is not only physiological pleasure, but also a good prevention of various diseases during times of stress

To such conclusion scientists from Scotland when I studied the records of 46 of both sexes, who agreed to take part in the observations, as reported by the resource “Glavred”. Scientists said that sexual intercourse reduces blood pressure and lowers stress.

Note that in the study involved 24 women and 22 men. They recorded information on the number of their sexual relations, focusing on its activity.

Ученые обнаружили лечебные свойства интима: "лучшее средство от..."

Then the scientists tested volunteers in different types of stressors, including public speaking. While the volunteers noted an increase in blood pressure as a response to an unusual situation. People who had lots of sex, more calmly react to stress than those who had sex or had little.

After that, the experts were able to understand that frequent sex are effective in reducing the diastolic (top) blood pressure. It should be noted that the actual same effect and hugging, especially for women.

Ученые обнаружили лечебные свойства интима: "лучшее средство от..."

Earlier it was reported that scientists conducted a study and found that sex helps to effectively fight the disease, which affects many people. Scientists from the American University of Georgia found that regular sex can reduce blood pressure as effectively as allow you to make a special pills. Blood pressure a group of volunteers who took part in the experiment, fell 13% the day after they made love. The pills from the category of diuretics, which are primarily prescribed for combating high blood pressure, yielded the same results.

According to the study, the more pleasure an orgasm brings, subsequently the lower pressure. According to the authors of the study, sex produces a similar effect due to the increase in the hormone oxytocin, called the hormone of informal hug. Oxytocin effectively reduces the level of stress.

Recall that the men admitted that they can’t stand it when a woman says these phrases in bed.

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