Scientists have discovered the source of aggression in humans

Ученые обнаружили источник агрессии в организме человека

Aggressive human behavior is often explained by his bad character. Swiss scientists have discovered what processes in the body cause a tendency to abnormal aggression

The specialists from the Federal Polytechnic school of Lausanne (EPFL) revealed the mechanism of the brain, causing aggressive behaviour and violence.

A group of scientists led by Professor Carmen Sandi studied the behavior of mice of one species, who often manifest the symptoms of schizophrenia, autism and bipolar disorder. These mice missing the gene that produces the enzyme ST8SIA2, which produces policylevel acid. This acid creates a complex group of proteins that help neurons to establish connections.

The researchers sought to find out whether the absence of the enzyme ST8SIA2, and therefore polivanovoj acid, to a higher aggressiveness. To do this, they, in particular, we measured the time required by the aggressive mice to attack non-aggressive tribesmen, and also attack if they are vulnerable parts of the body. It turned out that mice who have a gene that produces an enzyme ST8SIA2, “off”, has an abnormal propensity for violence compared to other individuals. In addition, the “aggressor” lower the level of fear and anxiety.

Ученые обнаружили источник агрессии в организме человека

“Lack of training fear is usually observed in psychopaths and aggressive people with various psychopathologies. The presence of such a deficit, according to the hypothesis, she explained, “promotes anti-social behavior, because it prevents the individual to understand the reason for the punishment and move on to normative socialization”, explained Carmen Sandi.

Further in-depth experiments with the aggressive mice has allowed scientists to conclude that conflict behavior is related to the activity of the brain region responsible for emotions. It was found that neurons in this brain region is not able to form new connections, which impairs the transmission of signals relating to fear. Experts have discovered a key element in the development of aggression — the NMDA receptor. They influenced him with drugs, and this has led to the reduction of aggression in mice.

On its website, the EPFL notes that the study has identified a target for drug effects, but also opened the way to a “potentially effective treatment of aggression.” Professor sandy stated that the conducted research work has shown the presence of key neurobiological mechanism that may explain how the loss of memory fear and the development of pathological aggression are linked. Further the work of scientists will aim to find out what assistance they obtained results can provide the aggressive dysfunction in humans.Ученые обнаружили источник агрессии в организме человека

We will remind, biologists from the Massachusetts technological University have developed a technology that will allow to extract from the DNA of cells of the human body and to decode some of the “memories”.

Such “memories” are some of the disease, inflammation and so on. Such information will allow scientists to learn how cells of one type are transformed into another kind of cell during embryonic development, and how environmental changes affect the body and some of these changes are the cause of genetic mutations.

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