Scientists have discovered the secret to cancer prevention: “it’s very simple”

Ученые обнаружили секрет профилактики рака: "все очень просто"

German Professor Michael Baumann said that we need to do in order to prevent the emergence of a malignant tumor.

According to him, no expensive and other costly and incomprehensible to the common man procedures for this to be done. All very very simple.

So, the scientist holding positions of scientific Director of the German cancer research center in Heidelberg and the President of the German cancer consortium, said that people able very successfully to resist the terrible disease if he / she refuses junk food and eats right, and maintains an active lifestyle.

Another important condition for the prevention of cancer, he called the Smoking cessation. After all, according to scientists, one reason for the appearance of any and all types of malignant tumors is approximately 30% of cases is the abuse of tobacco.

Ученые обнаружили секрет профилактики рака: "все очень просто"

Baumann argues that following these three simple rules will allow to significantly reduce the risk of one of the most terrible diseases.

Earlier it was reported that scientists have identified another effective way of fighting cancer. According to the researchers, to resist disease, the person may help the genetic code that is embedded in RNA and micro-RNA of all our cells. Experts suggest that the creation of artificial micro-RNAS and their subsequent introduction into the organism of the patient can help in the fight against cancer.

Michael Baumann graduated from the medical faculty of Hamburg University. Later he worked in several prestigious universities in Germany and USA, as well as leading cancer centers and clinics. In 2003, the year he became CEO and founder of the University cancer center in Dresden. He currently holds the post of President of the European cancer organization.

Ученые обнаружили секрет профилактики рака: "все очень просто"

Baumann is the author of over 200 scientific publications on the subject of cancer, his work was awarded numerous academic prizes and awards. He is a member of several committees and scientific communities. In 2017, the year the scientist was awarded the German cancer prize in the category “Translational research”.

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