Scientists have discovered the remains of the ancient monster: “the ancestor of spiders and Scorpions”

Ученые обнаружили останки древнейшего монстра: "предок пауков и скорпионов"

Scientists have found the remains of an ancient monster

In Canada, scientists have discovered the remains of an ancestor of spiders and Scorpions, reports Nature.

Paleontologists from Canada have found fossils of an ancient relative of spiders, Scorpions and mites.

The remains are preserved in the Burgess shales are sediments that have been molded more than 500 000 000 years ago.

Ученые обнаружили останки древнейшего монстра: "предок пауков и скорпионов"

Found a species of animal called Mollisonia plenovenatrix. The size of the monster did not exceed 2.5 centimeters. The trunk of the animal covered with a shell, and had 14 pairs of limbs: 11 of them were located along the torso, and another 3 pairs on the cephalothorax.

Experts notice that occurrence was the chelicerae is the mouth appendages in the form of claws designed to grip prey.

From them came the name of the individual subtype of arthropods chelicerae. These include ticks, Scorpions, sea and land spiders, horseshoe crabs. Just to subtype includes 115 species.

The found remains show that the members of this “caste” appeared during the Cambrian explosion and took a vacant ecological niche.

In ancient representatives of the subtype was light, the structure is similar to modern light Elizarovykh, but arranged more primitive.

Ученые обнаружили останки древнейшего монстра: "предок пауков и скорпионов"

Scientists have guesses that Mollisonia plenovenatrix lived at the bottom of the ocean and preyed on small creatures.

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But a full and accurately describe the appearance of this animal failed until now. The analysis showed that a new kind of pterosaur-azhdarchid lived about 75 million years ago, and the wingspan is 10-11 M.

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