Scientists have discovered the remains of sacrificial temples of the Aztecs: the incredible stiffness

Ученые обнаружили останки жертвенного капища ацтеков: невероятная жесткость

Archaeologists have found in Mexico found the remains of the conquistadors, who were sacrificed to the Aztecs

As you know, Mexican archaeologists conducted excavations at the ruins of the Aztec city Sultepec-Temak, which has been preserved since the middle Ages. They managed to find the bones of 550 people, about what writes

As then it became known, the Spaniards among them were not so much. About 350 people were also Indians from the tribes living nearby. Conquistadors of Cortez consisted of only 15 people.

Among the dead was, according to the researchers, women, the elderly, and children. Moreover, some of the sacrificed women were pregnant young girls.

Then the scientists were able to understand what the prisoners were for a few months. However, on more detailed conditions nothing yet failed to find out. It is worth noting that mutilation of corpses was not an act of bloodlust or revenge on the part of the Aztecs. So they tried to recreate scenes from their myths.

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