Scientists have discovered the oldest pyramid: “the discovery will rewrite the history of mankind”

Ученые обнаружили самую древнюю пирамиду: "находка перепишет историю человечества"

Archaeologists said, what the pyramid is the most ancient on the planet

Scientists finally managed to figure out which is the oldest pyramid in history. It is unknown who and why it was created, according to the portal Accents.

The Daily Mail published the results of the study under which this pyramid is the mountain of Gunung Padang on the island of Java. The researchers believe that it is about 10 thousand years.

Ученые обнаружили самую древнюю пирамиду: "находка перепишет историю человечества"

The mountain Gunung Padang discovered in the early nineteenth century. Here are the remains of rock buildings and monuments. They are called the largest megalithic monument in the whole of Southeast Asia.

According to new data, under the ground can be one of the oldest temples on Earth.

Using the method of surveying researchers say that Gunung Padang is not just an artificial construction, a series of several layers built in different prehistoric periods. According to the radiocarbon analysis, the pyramid could begin to build approximately 15 to 28 thousand years ago.

The top layer consisting of stone columns, walls, pathways and spaces, is located above the second layer, approximately 1-3 meters below the surface. Scholars argue that this second layer had previously been misinterpreted as a natural rock, but in fact it is an ancient structure.

Ученые обнаружили самую древнюю пирамиду: "находка перепишет историю человечества"

“This is a unique temple. This is a really huge place. People think the prehistoric age was primitive, but this monument proves that wrong,” explained one of the scientists.

Recall that Archaeologists have uncovered a long disturbing scientists the secret of the Egyptian pyramid of Cheops. The famous pyramid of Cheops at Giza – the most famous landmark of Egypt, may in fact be the most powerful engineering machine.

Ученые обнаружили самую древнюю пирамиду: "находка перепишет историю человечества"

Respected by scholars Egyptologist Carmen Boulter is confident that the pyramid of Cheops on the idea of those who it was erected, was to be an impressive mechanism that is able to quickly overcome a considerable distance. Researchers still can not understand either the secrets of building the pyramids, nor its mysterious structure. Bolter considers the lack of mystery in the structure of the frescoes and other decorations. The academic is sure that the pyramid was supposed to be a powerful energy machine.

Many experts say that inside the pyramid is a feeling of extreme functionality, structure, and interaction with some unknown force, not giving calm.

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