Scientists have discovered the harm of toothpastes: “a great danger”

Ученые обнаружили вред зубных паст: "большая опасность"

Researchers have identified a number of toothpastes that threaten the health of people

Company Agir pour ln Environnement (Association of environmental protection) began exploring toothpastes. Experts analyzed the 408 different toothpastes.

Scientists have found that toothpastes that have ingredients in food colorant – titanium dioxide E171, harmful to the human body. Dye E171 experts have ever questioned. Titanium dioxide is found in 271 toothpaste. This number includes dental bio-pasta and even pasta for kids.

“Titanium dioxide is used in toothpaste because of its whitening, matte, ultraviolet light absorbing properties. It is often used as the nanoscale powder. In any of the respective toothpastes not indicated on the packaging whether there is the titanium dioxide as nanoparticles,” – said in the Association.

Note that titanium dioxide nanoparticles disturb the permeability of the intestinal mucosa, due to her toxic substances and pathogens can enter the blood stream.


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