Scientists have discovered the foods that you cannot eat in the morning: top 5 myths

Ученые обнаружили продукты, которые нельзя есть утром: топ-5 мифов

Physicians suggested which products should be abandoned on an empty stomach

In the network there are many articles about the benefits and importance of Breakfast. Experts claim that not all food is equally useful for a person in the morning, and from certain foods and generally should refuse, write Accents.

Bacon and eggs

It is believed that bacon and eggs is the best Breakfast. However, this dish has excess fat that can cause weight gain. Also, the bacon may cause cancer of the pancreas.

Ученые обнаружили продукты, которые нельзя есть утром: топ-5 мифов

Fresh juice

Very often it is used in the morning on an empty stomach. It turns out that it is very harmful and can cause serious problems with the digestive system. Typically, fans of this Breakfast because of the fruit acid develops gastritis, ulcers, and food allergies. Therefore it is better to have a good lunch, and then indulge yourself juices.


The favorite option of many supporters of the diet — cereals. As a rule, they poured milk, yogurt or juice. Unfortunately, not everyone knows that during this Breakfast dramatically increases the level of blood sugar. That is, some time after eating you get hungry again.

Dairy products

Cottage cheese, yogurt, yogurt has long been considered the key to a healthy and wholesome Breakfast. In fact, dairy products are best used on an empty stomach, and after the main Breakfast or in the evening. According to doctors, the morning of hydrochloric acid, which developed during the night, I’ll break down all the beneficial bacteria from these foods. Therefore, the use of them will not.


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This product is very a lot of magnesium, which can have a bad effect on the cardiovascular system.

Ученые обнаружили продукты, которые нельзя есть утром: топ-5 мифов

Recall that saltwater fish were not as useful product as it was supposed earlier. As it turned out, commercial fish and shellfish ingest the micro-plastic particles with a size of about 5 millimeters. According to the researchers of the Institute of Oceanology behalf of the Shirshov Russian Academy of Sciences, the elements of the plastic after eating fish fall into the human body, where they can accumulate.

“These particles have special physical and dynamic properties. The longer they are in sea water, the more dangerous for people”, — said the experts.

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