Scientists have discovered how to cure the joints: it reduces the likelihood of becoming disabled

Ученые выяснили, как вылечить суставы: это уменьшает вероятность стать инвалидом

American scientists have suggested a way to cure sore joints and heal the body

Joint disease can lead to extremely negative consequences and cause loss of ability to move and as a consequence become stationary. However, scientists have found that you need to do to avoid this.

Experts from the USA noted that a sedentary lifestyle, and excessive activity can lead to serious joint problems, particularly arthritis, osteoarthritis and the like. Experts believe that required moderate physical activity. Scientists recommend exercises exercises for hours.

Ученые выяснили, как вылечить суставы: это уменьшает вероятность стать инвалидом

According to experts, regular exercise can reduce the risk of disability. This is especially true for people who have joint disease.

Cindy McDaniel, senior Vice President, who works in the nonprofit arthritis Foundation, noted that with age, the tissue covering the bone wears out. So the bones due to friction Odin one can cause unbearable pain. According to experts, nearly 30000000 of Americans suffer one form of arthritis — osteoarthritis. At risk are people who experience pain or discomfort when driving in the lower joints.

The study was conducted among patients aged 49 to 83 years. A few years after the beginning of observations they had to report on their physical condition. It was found that the participants who were engaged in weekly exercise, reduced the risk of disability by almost 90%.

Ученые выяснили, как вылечить суставы: это уменьшает вероятность стать инвалидом

Experts noted that many Americans have learned to combine business with pleasure in the process of conducting research. They replaced the workout routine and hopped onto the bike. Experts have repeatedly noted the benefits of such loads, slow Cycling. Scientists believe that activity at any age will help to maintain your health for years to come.

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