Scientists have discovered how the radiation from mobile phones affect health

Ученые выяснили, как излучение мобильных телефонов влияет на здоровье

Vcen perevaly, Yak vipraha mobilnih Telefon vpliva on health

A high level of efficiency RF vipraha, harakterny for mobilnih Telefon scho vykorystovuyutsia merezhi 2G I 3G, provoke rozvytok cancer serca, Puhelin Mosco one of sudnikovich sales.

Ученые выяснили, как излучение мобильных телефонов влияет на здоровье

This visnovku disli vcen s National health Institute of the United States, Prowse Dolly on the Mish I schury.

Dozen General Varstu 30 mlion I trivally dollars in 10 years is absurd nazivajut the povna oncol vplyvu of radoinovo vipraha on health I tvarin.

“Porwnywanie vpliv in the experiments that I vpliv, yakogo zazna lyudin, scho vigorito mobline phone, bezposrednio’t possible. Our dozen schuri I miss big shot prominent vsogo TLA. The people, conversely, pid vipraha potreplyut tilki concrete tkaniny there, de man trima svy phone. Moreover, riven vipraha I trivalosti itlive in our experiments Buli besimi, than ti, scho accuvote people. Mi iteven scho contact mizh radoulov vipraha I polinomi real” — said the teachings of John Bucher.

From the framework of the experiment minimalni riven vpliva for tvarin stanovi boundary of dopustimye riven point vpliva siogodni mobilnih Telefon and max previsual Yogo in Vier Razi: from 1.5 to 6 Wat on a kilogram Masi TLA for Surv I from 2.5 to 10 Wat in kilogram for Misha. A groupie was Surv pocha prominate to narodzhennya, and Misha — z n atogo-sixth tyzhden life. The experiment on conim plasmachem trival push stroke dvoh rokiv, of animals big shot to vplive vipraha at nine ive Godin on the day intervalami have ten minute s 10-hvilinka pereryvami.

Dolly showed scho radachlorine vipraha state provocati rozvytok not only Puhelin serca, but Paavo of Rakovich otvoreni Mosco one of sudnikovich sales have smcv Misha.

“TSI of experiment on the Mish I shchura provodilsya to dosit long ago, ale TSE mix the schuri TSE not people. Experiment in vivo TA experiment, yaki toil clinco znachimosti, TSE is not odne th those W. Mi Mich — TSE times,” said Executive Director Fund profilaktiki cancer Lla Fomichev.

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Ученые выяснили, как излучение мобильных телефонов влияет на здоровье

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