Scientists have discovered an ancient civilization that sank beneath the sea: “Atlantis is real?”

Ученые обнаружили древнюю цивилизацию, затонувшую на дне моря: "Атлантида реальна?"

In the North sea found the sunken ancient civilization

Sunken world of the Mesolithic found under the North sea scientists from the University of Bradford, reports Live Science.

During the expedition, scientists have conducted special tests and determined that the landscape and found the fossils about ten thousand years.

The area where you found signs of an ancient civilization refers to Doggerland – the land mass between the East coast of Britain and the mainland in the southern part of the North sea.

Experts have come to believe that approximately 12 thousand years ago, there might dwell the early hunter-gatherers. In four thousand years the area was flooded.

“We are confident that you will soon find traces of settlements. The number of artifacts from this region indicates that there is something there” — says the participant of the expedition Vincent Gaffney.

Scientists planned to return to the district of Doggerland in autumn on the Dutch research ship.

Ученые обнаружили древнюю цивилизацию, затонувшую на дне моря: "Атлантида реальна?"

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