Scientists have discovered a strange method of improving memory

Ученые обнаружили странный способ улучшения памяти

Scientists from Britain conducted a study and found a rather unusual way of stimulating memory

British scientists conducted a study and found that walking backwards stimulates the memory. On the work of specialists referred to in article published on the website of the University of Roehampton.

Psychologists conducted an experiment in which participants were shown a video with the scene of the crime, a set of different pictures, and also a list of words. After that, one group of subjects were asked to walk backwards, another group to remain in place, and the third – to back away.

Ученые обнаружили странный способ улучшения памяти

The result was that the group, which shrank back and better than the other two groups remembered what they had shown before. At the same time, according to British researchers, a great stimulator of mnemonic abilities was even just the way people think about how they are going back.

“There is a huge potential for the development of this effect with the aim of creating a special mobile application, which will help older people experiencing memory problems,” said one of the authors of the scientific work of Elias Tsakanikas.

Previously, we reported that scientists have uncovered an unexpected benefit to the brain if you breathe through the nose, not the mouth.

The recognition of odours is a key survival mechanism for most living beings. That’s why neuroscientists believe that the relationship between thinking and breathing was an early evolutionary adaptation.

Recent studies in rodents have shown that when animals breathe, sniffing the air, it triggers activity in the brain, stimulating the neurons in the so-called olfactory bulb, which then sends a signal to the hippocampus part of the brain involved in creating and storing memories. Researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm conducted an experiment to find out whether the brain the same if breathing through the mouth, according to the publication Neuroscience.

Ученые обнаружили странный способ улучшения памяти

In the experiment, the researchers asked 20 young men and women breathe in 12 different fragrances. Some smells were familiar, like the scent of orange blossoms, while others were unknown. Each flavor we had to try to remember.

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