Scientists have discovered a secret bunker of the Emperor: the secret revealed of thousands of years

Ученые обнаружили секретный бункер императора: вскрыта тайна тысячелетий

Scientists accidentally stumbled upon a valuable legacy of Roman culture on the site of the famous Colosseum

Scientists have been working on the site of the once destroyed the Imperial Palace, the “Domus Aurea”, which belonged to the Roman Emperor Nero, who ruled in the I century of our era. Found a cache just shocked the experts.

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As you know, the “Domus Aurea” included about 300 rooms and occupied an area of 300 acres. “Domus Aurea” was partially destroyed and built many new buildings – including the world famous Coliseum. A few years on the ruins – the remains of the former luxury of the reign of Nero – worked archeologists and restorers. Experts have been working on recreating the original preserved rooms of the Palace, and most recently they were able to discover valuable hidden room in it.

Ученые обнаружили секретный бункер императора: вскрыта тайна тысячелетий Ученые обнаружили секретный бункер императора: вскрыта тайна тысячелетий

The existence of this ancient hiding place, a sort of hopper – it was a mystery for almost two millennia. So-called Room of the Sphinx was discovered by accident during restoration work. Large underground room, decorated with frescoes with drawings of animals, birds and mythical creatures found literally forced to gasp in delight. Ancient artists depicted birds, fish, centaurs, as well as hippos and many other creatures.

To work hard, say the archaeologists, everywhere a lot of mud and have yet to understand and make an outline plan for further work. But found a cache of, say scientists behind the discovery.

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