Scientists have discovered a positive influence of social networks on health

Ученые обнаружили положительное влияние соцсетей на здоровье

Scientists have discovered that social networks not only have negative influence on people — there’s a positive side to the health

Social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, tied up with motivation for sports. Falling under the influence of his circle of friends, people adapt to his behavior.

The University of Western Ontario the study found that social networks impact on motivation in sport, both positive and negative ways.

Ученые обнаружили положительное влияние соцсетей на здоровье

The audience of Facebook, according to statistics, 23 percent are students, 32 percent of which spend more than 4:00 to chat on the Internet. It is based on the fact that people need the close social ties that affect their well-being and behavior. For interview and participation in a focus group the University of Ontario invited students number of 24 and 19.

Last shared his attitude to Facebook and learned how the site is associated with the motivation to exercise. When the user is watching the people who do sports in your feed, it is likely that he will feel a powerful motivation to do the same thing to get positive feedback. On the other hand, in the comments people can read the criticism in his side, or to compare with other people not in their favor.

Scientists expect to affect the lower physical activity of students using social networks and to neutralize the negative effects of the latter.

We will note, earlier psychotherapist, psychoanalyst Xenia Chernik explained why we were so annoyed by the perfect pictures from the life of some people in social networks. She notes that Mature psychologically engaged in their life people don’t have problems with the perfect pictures, with beautiful other people’s lives.

Ученые обнаружили положительное влияние соцсетей на здоровье

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“But if a person is unsure if it is poorly versed in the feelings and desires, if she is immature then seeing the beautiful life of others, it is very easy to become depressed, irritable and even aggressive. Such people have feelings of envy is very difficult to transform in work and motivation, ” explains the doctor.

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