Scientists have discovered a new species of Stingray: “powerful generator”

Ученые обнаружили новый вид ската: "мощнейший электрогенератор"

In the Amazon, scientists have discovered a new species of animal with the most powerful “generator”

Previously it was thought that in the Amazon lives only one kind of electric eel — Electrophorus electricus. However, in the study of fish from the Amazon basin in South America, it was found that there exist three sibling species, reported in the article , which is dedicated to the discovery, in the journal Nature Communications.

Ученые обнаружили новый вид ската: "мощнейший электрогенератор"

Zoologist David de Santana from the National Museum of natural history (USA) and his team, conducted research which studied the DNA samples of 107 fish, which they collected in the rivers of Brazil, French Guiana, Guyana and Surinam. Genetic differences found in DNA, showed that the Amazonian eels belong to three types: apart from Electrophorus electricus, the waters of the Amazon is also home voltai and Electrophorus Electrophorus varii. Each of the groups is a unique form of the skull and pectoral fin, and the location of pores on the body.

Scientists have also placed eels in inflatable pools to measure the force of their blows. They found that one of the new species, Electrophorus voltai, named in honor of Alessandro Volta, inventor of the battery may deliver the blow to 860 volts, well above the previous maximum of 650 volts and makes it the most powerful among the known science of bioelectric generators. Recall that in the usual outlets, the voltage is 220 volts.

Ученые обнаружили новый вид ската: "мощнейший электрогенератор"

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The results of the study de Santana, released on Tuesday show that three species separated from a common ancestor millions of years ago. E. electricus inhabits the district of the Guiana shield, E. voltai — in the rivers of the Brazilian shield, and E. varii, — in the sluggish waters of the Amazon basin.

It is noted that in the world there are about 250 species of fish that can produce electricity, but electric eels are the only people who use electricity for hunting and for self protection .

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