Scientists have discovered a new gene: makes men infertile

Ученые обнаружили новый ген: мужчин делает бесплодными

Scientists have discovered a new gene “responsible” for the lack of children

Estonian scientists have made a scientific discovery.

Scientists leading the oldest Estonian Tartu University have discovered a gene, mutating, leading to untreatable infertility in a strong half of mankind. This was stated by the co-author of the study, researcher at the Institute of bio – and translational medicine, University of Marina Grigorova.

Ученые обнаружили новый ген: мужчин делает бесплодными

Mutation of this gene leads to infertility in men and it is, unfortunately, inevitable, noted scientist. This mutation, fortunately, uncommon.

It is noted that infertile men are not only for genetic reasons. The impossibility of conception affect, for example, a large overweight man or the environment.

As previously reported, named popular medicine, which leads to infertility.

It turns out that a popular medication used worldwide, was dangerous for women’s health.

Girls are born with a finite number of follicles in the ovaries, and this determines their future reproductive ability in adulthood. Insufficient initial inventory of the follicles will lead to a reduction in the duration of reproductive life, early menopause or infertility — the events that occur decades in life.

How did you find out, the researchers found that the effect of ibuprofen decreases the number of ovarian cells, found in embryonic tissues as compared with fruits that are not exposed to the drug.

They came to the conclusion that women need to monitor the consumption of ibuprofen, for the sake of their future offspring.

In another study, it is assumed that the use of anti-inflammatory drugs by young people can damage their endocrine system, leading to condition called hypogonadism compensated. This disease is most often diagnosed in the elderly and is commonly associated with infertility.

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Ученые обнаружили новый ген: мужчин делает бесплодными

The condition for the manifestation of the disease occurs when men have elevated levels of luteinizing hormone, which blocks the production of testosterone.

How do you treat headache, fever, or sports injuries may affect the fertility of your children in the future. Doctors recommend: take painkillers responsibly.

We will remind that the Minister scares women, many men, and infertility.

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