Scientists have discovered a new black hole: “moving at the speed of light”

Ученые обнаружили новую черную дыру: «движется со скоростью света»

NASA scientists talked about the new black hole in the galaxy

NASA announced the discovery of an unusual black hole that moves around its axis at nearly the speed of light. It is located in one of the galaxies in the constellation Pegasus.

“Measurements of rotational velocities of black holes are very important to us because they reflect how growing these giants, how they interacted with other regions of galaxies and how they look to their immediate surroundings,” – said in the text of the study.

Ученые обнаружили новую черную дыру: «движется со скоростью света»

Like whirlpools in the ocean, rotating black holes in the space create a moving flow around them. However, black holes do not create eddies of wind or water. Rather, they generate disks of gas and dust heated to hundreds of millions of degrees that glow in x-ray light.

Stated in the work object in the constellation of Pegasus is 8 billion light-years from Earth. Other black holes have a speed two times smaller. What is the cause of high-speed rotation of the detected object, scientists still can not explain.

Recall that NASA experts have warned of drastic climate changes that occur because of the Sun. Very soon the Earth will again sink into the nightmare, which has barely survived in the middle Ages. But this time it will be much worse.

Ученые обнаружили новую черную дыру: «движется со скоростью света»

As noted by American scientists, with each month our parent star, more “sleep”. According to experts, soon the Sun will cease all activity and go into a kind of “sleep mode”. Would affect the temperature of the planet.

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NASA employees suggest that in the near future the Earth’s climate is noticeably worse. This will lead to a sharp drop in yields. And as a result to hunger. The history of the planet already knows similar cases. So 1645-1715 years has happened before the little Ice age, when summer came the freezing tangible. Medieval people suffered from hunger, cold, were not allowed to cultivate the land, and the animals lacked food.

Recall that scientists have discovered why extinct the first men

As reported Politeka, a legendary prophet called the exact date of the end of the world: “never was wrong”.

Also Politeka wrote that scientists call the products that will disappear from the face of the earth: “the drought will nuke the field.”