Scientists have discovered a hidden passage in the Egyptian Sphinx: the legendary “Library of knowledge”

Ученые обнаружили скрытый проход в египетском Сфинксе: легендарная "Библиотека знаний"

Scientists have discovered a secret passage, which was “guarded” by Egyptian Sphinx

Archaeologists believe that this passage can lead to the so-called “Library of knowledge”. According to legend, this is where scientists will be able to find a large variety of artifacts that can open many mysteries of human history.

Some believe that this passage in the dungeon in a certain way protects the power of Egypt, after someone found him under the paws of the Sphinx, because she doesn’t want to show the secret knowledge of distant centuries.

Ученые обнаружили скрытый проход в египетском Сфинксе: легендарная "Библиотека знаний"

And consider this opinion credible not because it’s just speculation people. However, in the pyramids there is still a great number of deep underground facilities at tens of meters, so it is likely that they will be held under the paws of the Sphinx.

Recently I found the door in the Sphinx. Scientists suggest that they can lead to secret rooms and tunnels.

A well-known researcher of Ancient Egypt, Matt Growling believes that these doors is between the paws of the Sphinx, which confirms the old pattern. But no matter how carefully the Archaeologists have not tried to get permission to dig, the Egyptian authorities flatly reject them.

Ученые обнаружили скрытый проход в египетском Сфинксе: легендарная "Библиотека знаний"

Earlier it was reported that scientists have unraveled the mystery of the highest in the world mummy. The mummified body of an Indian with a height of 2 meter and 74 centimeters, was found near San Diego, in the South-Western United States in 1895. This discovery caused a real stir among archaeologists and was officially considered the mummy in the world among all found. It is stored at the Smithsonian, whose experts have proven the authenticity of the artifact. American scientists have repeatedly investigated the find, to reveal her secret. Experts drew attention to the teeth, protruding ribs, especially of the skin and even hair. But did not take into account a little “naked” bone finds.

Scientists came to the conclusion that the bones of the legs and pelvis are at an unusual distance, and the skin and hair represent a fibrous material. This can only mean that in fact the highest in the world mummy “collected” from several people.

Recall that archaeologists have discovered an ancient Mayan plant.

As reported Politeka, archaeologists have found a new kind of man.

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