Scientists have determined beneficial dose of coffee: how not to hurt yourself

Ученые определили полезную дозу кофе: как не навредить себе

A group of scientists from the USA and Australia have proven that coffee enhances physical performance. The effect on the average person will have approximately two cups of the drink

This publication reports Science Alert reports “Hvil”.

Ученые определили полезную дозу кофе: как не навредить себе

The researchers analyzed 300 scientific works, which in total was attended by 4,800 people. It turned out that the intake of caffeine improves the results of training, including continuous Cycling, 2-16 percent. Hypersensitivity to caffeine helps increase by 16 percent, however, the average improvement will be to reach of 2-6%.

This effect is due to the effect of caffeine on adenosine receptors. The last contact with the adenosine, which acts as a chemical signal responsible for the feeling of fatigue. Caffeine competes with adenosine and having the opposite effect.

The average Cup of coffee contains 95-165 milligrams of caffeine. At the same time to improve the required dose of 3-6 milligrams per kilogram, which corresponds to 210-420 milligrams of caffeine for a person weighing 70 kilograms (about two cups of coffee). Experts recommend to consume the drink for 45-90 minutes before training.

Earlier it was reported that doctors forbade the patients to drink coffee because it is the way to gastritis and even gastric ulcers. Drinking coffee does not cause ulcers. This idea was finally abandoned after 2005 were identified the real cause of stomach ulcers is the bacterium Helicobacter pylori.

Ученые определили полезную дозу кофе: как не навредить себе

Some time it was assumed that, perhaps, coffee can play the role of some predisposing factor. But this idea was abandoned, as it is not found in coffee anything that could provoke the development of erosive processes in the mucosa of the stomach and duodenum.

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