Scientists have described how social networks affect health: “Before a fall”

Ученые рассказали, как соцсети влияют на здоровье: "До добра не доведет"

Scientists have proven that social media can cause depression during the holiday weekend

During the experiment the participants all holidays spent at home, not going outside, and periodically visiting his Facebook page, writes Hvilya.

With each new day people’s mood worsened. After all, in addition to the lack of fresh air, they watched as spend the weekend their friends, and by them to show there was nothing. The scientists also noted that the frequent use of the Internet and social networks caused a drop in self-esteem and negatively influenced the overall psychological state, resulting in the long depression. This is especially true for single people.

Ученые рассказали, как соцсети влияют на здоровье: "До добра не доведет"

Therefore, the main recommendation of psychologists — not to watch someone else’s life through various social networks, and live your life to the full, where there is time for walks and meetings with friends. The use of social networks, it is desirable to minimize during the holidays or vacations.

Not so long ago, scientists found that depression fighting men can help testosterone. In this case, the hormone works as a light antidepressant. It is known that with age the testosterone level in men falls, and its moderate artificial addition can add to the overall tone and mood.

Recall that scientists believe that in old age depression can significantly affect functions of the body, leading to the development of many diseases. From vitamin D dependent process of assimilation of such elements as phosphorus and calcium, as well as metabolism. A deficiency of this vitamin can have negative consequences for bone tissue, to be the cause of inflammatory processes and the development of diabetes.

Vitamin D deficiency in the elderly in 75% of cases leads to depression. The probability of depression may persist for three to four years.

Ученые рассказали, как соцсети влияют на здоровье: "До добра не доведет"

To maintain normal level of vitamin D is recommended to be open to sunlight parts of the body at least twice a week for half an hour.

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