Scientists have captured a “guest” from the depths of the Universe, incredible footage: “Millions of years…”

Ученые засняли "гостя" из глубин Вселенной, невероятные кадры: "Миллионы лет..."

The Hubble space telescope took pictures of the comet, which is close to our Sun

As reported Politeka with reference to the foreign media, the comet 21/Borisov flies at a speed of 177 000 kilometers per hour and flew in from outer space. To photograph it was able to 12 October 2019. The telescope has made a series of shots from a distance of 420 million miles (to see the video, dockrillia to the end).

Ученые засняли "гостя" из глубин Вселенной, невероятные кадры: "Миллионы лет..."

This is not the first guest who was able to capture astronomers. This was another comet called “1I/Omului”, which was spotted in 2017 in the Solar system. She passed within 40 million kilometers from our star player before leaving the system.

It is noted that by the middle of next year, the comet 21/Borisov flies behind Jupiter, and then return to deep space, where it will “travel” millions of years before approaching another star system.

Ученые засняли "гостя" из глубин Вселенной, невероятные кадры: "Миллионы лет..."

Add, a hallmark of comets are luminous “tails”. When approaching the stars formed a tail of gas and dust.

Earlier it was reported, NASA presented the amazing costumes for the flight to Mars.

Ученые засняли "гостя" из глубин Вселенной, невероятные кадры: "Миллионы лет..."

Putin has gone to extreme measures, the Kremlin is panic: details of a new controversial law
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Officially presented two spacesuits that will participate in the mission “Artemis” in 2024. This is the year you plan landing people on Mars. The mission will involve two astronauts, a man and a woman. Their suits are able to withstand in the open space about eight hours and another hour in case of emergency situations.

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“The new suit is a big step forward compared to the Apollo program. The new suit does not have zippers and cables, which previously complained to the astronauts. It is also better protected from radiation and replaced vserazedayuschey lunar dust,” notes Jim Brandenstein, the head of NASA.

Prior to this it was reported that a giant asteroid is rapidly approaching the Earth. Scientists say that it can destroy all life. Thus, the Agency notified NASA that the Earth is approaching a giant asteroid with a diameter of 340 metres, which experts had already dubbed the name “God of Chaos”.

We will remind, NASA has presented unique costumes for the flight to Mars: “in 2024…”.

As reported Politeka, the transition to winter time in Ukraine: how to prepare and who may be affected.

Also Politeka wrote about the fact that everything is buried: there was a video like a nuclear explosion will destroy people on Earth.