Scientists have been able to get a good picture of Neptune from ground-based telescope

Ученые смогли получить качественное изображение Нептуна с наземного телескопа

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Large telescope in Chile, allows ground-based Observatory to take a visible light image of Neptune, whose quality can compete with the images the Hubble space telescope.

Released by the European southern Observatory on July 18 the images are taken from the new observations with a large telescope in Chile. The device uses four laser to reduce blur caused by earth’s atmosphere.

The system is an updated version of adaptive optics, a method has long been used for focusing telescopes to astronomers.

Lasers create artificial “star”, the size and brightness of which are well known. This gives scientists the opportunity to measure how the atmosphere distorts their “gaze” at any time. Small motors then change the shape of telescope mirrors in real time to correct this distortion and see the sky as it really is.

Photographs from the Chilean telescope is as clear and crisp as those taken from space. Scientists have noted that this is just excellent news, since the Hubble mission will not last forever, and planned future space telescopes will not pick up the image in the visible spectrum of light.

With adaptive optics, telescopes on the ground can obtain high-quality images of space objects, and it’s not only Neptune, but also other, more distant planets. This will prevent astronomers from a number of technical problems.

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