Scientists have announced about the threat of blue light to the human eye

Ученые объявили об угрозе синего света для человеческого зрения

Experts told, why the bright blue light can be harmful to eyesight.

The retina of the human eye is a complex device that captures light and converts it into an image and sees the human brain. However, despite the complexity of the device, the safety of view can threaten the normal blue light. Such an opinion shared by specialists in the publication of Scientific Reports.

According to scientists, light emission of blue color activates the molecules of the retinal are sensitive to light. Under their influence in the cytoplasm there is a sharp release of calcium, which leads to inevitable cell death.

In addition, blue light triggers a mechanism leading to age-related molecular degeneration, caused by the death of photoreceptor cells in the retina of the eye. It is the most common cause that leads to blindness.

According to that Ajeet Karunaratne of Tolandscape University , a bright blue light contributes to the development of visual impairments. For this reason, recently many manufacturers of smartphones and laptops is inserted into your device mode eye protection that reduces blue light from your screen or monitor.

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