Scientists found the hidden part of the Earth’s age is four billion years: mystery solved

Ученые нашли спрятанную часть Земли возрастом четыре млрд лет: тайна раскрыта

Scientists have discovered a hidden part of the Earth, for four billion years

Scientists found the hidden part of the ancient Land, whose age is comparable with the age of the moon. Samples of diamonds from the bowels of the earth retained the same squad which was at the planet just after its formation.

At the Australian national University scientists have found a part of the ancient reservoir of magma in the bowels of the Earth. It may reach four billion years.

Ученые нашли спрятанную часть Земли возрастом четыре млрд лет: тайна раскрыта

The researchers analyzed the composition of 23 samples of superdeep diamonds. Typically, volcanoes emit on the surface of the stones with a depth of 150-230 kilometers under the earth’s crust. Deep diamonds come to the surface from 230-800 kilometers.

The composition of the isotopes within these diamonds was typical for gases that existed immediately after the formation of the planet. After the formation of the Earth she been hit by many celestial bodies that completely changed its structure and composition. Found the reservoir can contain substances similar to those that have been on the planet four billion years ago.

Recall that scientists call planets that are similar to Earth, but to study them you can’t. Scientists conducted the study, which allowed to find out information about the frequency with which planet, like Earth, have the opportunity to meet around stars like the Sun. The results of the study published in one of scientific portals.

Thanks to the telescope NASA “Kepler”, launched in 2009 and which completed its mission nine years later, was discovered mass of the planets. The camera watched by hundreds of thousands of stars and extrasolar planets detected outside our Solar system.

Ученые нашли спрятанную часть Земли возрастом четыре млрд лет: тайна раскрыта

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This was done through transit photometry, when the orbit of a planet passes between its star and the telescope. At this time, part of the light from the star is blocked, which makes it dull. Scientists have measured the magnitude of the blackout and find out the duration between transits. After using information about the properties of stars, the researchers can give the dimensions of the planet and the distance between her and her “Sun”.

As a result, American astrophysicists intend to use the observations, “Kepler”, in order to determine how the planets formed. In the future this knowledge will help to plan future missions to search for exoplanets that are habitable.

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