Scientists found near the coast of Italy 15 new underwater volcanoes

Near the coast of Italy, scientists working in national universities, have discovered 15 previously unknown underwater volcanoes. All of them are found in the waters of the Tyrrhenian sea.

At the moment they are “asleep”, but to prevent a new awakening and the resumption of activity is impossible. To this conclusion came experts have studied them.

All the newly found volcanoes chain, whose length is 90 kilometers, and a width of 20. Eight craters were found somewhat earlier. Now they added another seven.

They are located close to the Italian coast and extend from the waters adjacent to the city of Salerno to Calabria.

In the process of research, scholars have also explored the processes according to which in the area of the Tyrrhenian sea is the shift of some tectonic plates.

Of them can resume its movement that galvanizes the “sleeping” years ago, the volcanoes are re-activated.

The problem of renewal of the long-quiet volcanoes to mankind is very relevant. If they again become active, under the threat may be a life of approximately 800 million people on the planet.

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