Scientists: Food additive E171 contributes to the development of diabetes

The American experts warned that to eat foods E171 is in moderation and it’s best just to abandon caramel, chewing gum, cheese and ice cream.

Ученые: Пищевая добавка Е171 способствует развитию сахарного диабета

Scientists and the United States conducted a study of the affected organs of patients with chronic diseases and found that the food additive E171 contributes to the development of diabetes and inflammation of the pancreas. Doctors have analyzed the tissue and found in them a large quantity of titanium dioxide (E171). This food additive is added not only in cosmetics but also in caramel, chewing gum, cheese, ice cream and some other foods. Also titanium dioxide is found in some household products. E171 is a food dye white color, it is used to improve the appearance of products.

American scientists have recommended to use products with E171 in moderation or eliminate them from your diet.

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