Scientists first raised the important organ: the main disease of humanity now in the past

Ученые впервые вырастили важный орган: главная болезнь человечества теперь в прошлом

A team of scientists from the University of British Columbia has managed to grow in the laboratory a completely new blood vessels that previously could not be anyone

This discovery will have a positive impact on many studies in the field treat a range of vascular problems, including diabetes. And in the near future specialists will be able even faster and safer to test various drugs, reports Clutch.

The ability to create blood vessels in the form of organelles of stem cells is extremely important. As you know, almost every organ in our body is associated with the vascular system.

Ученые впервые вырастили важный орган: главная болезнь человечества теперь в прошлом

Researchers, in turn, will be able to detect the causes and to find remedies for the treatment of most cardiovascular diseases, including senile dementia, disorders of the cardiovascular system, cancer and some metabolic disorders.

Organelles are three-dimensional structures that are grown from stem cells. Their task is an exact repetition of the anatomy of bodies to help with these organelles, the scientists were able to study different aspects of anatomy in the laboratory.

In the world today, diabetes affects around 420 million people, and many of the symptoms of this disease are the result of changes in the blood vessels, which negatively affects blood circulation and supply of oxygen to tissues. Despite this the number of patients with diabetes, medicine is still almost unknown, how are the vessels in diabetics. The discovery of the method of growing blood vessels in a laboratory environment can certainly help to fill this gap.

Earlier in the course of research under the guidance of neuroscientists from tufts University in Massachusetts, scientists have grown a small brain outside the human body on the basis of induced pluripotent stem cells (IPSC). An article about the work published in the journal ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering.

Ученые впервые вырастили важный орган: главная болезнь человечества теперь в прошлом

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“We found suitable conditions to ensure that the IPSC differentiate into different neuronal subtypes and astrocytes that support the growth of neural networks,” says bio-engineer David Kaplan.

We will remind, doctors have grown a new part of the body in an unexpected place.

As reported Politeka, it’s constantly freezing up: “it May indicate a serious illness”.

Also Politeka wrote that scientists have grown the stomach from stem cells.