Scientists Find life beyond Earth will help of space storms

To obtain more accurate data on the presence of a particular exoplanet signs of life scientists will help space storms. Despite the fact that in recent years, it was discovered thousands of Earth-like objects, it is to establish whether on the surface, the existence of living organisms, has not been possible yet.

According to the researchers, as to send expeditions to distant planets mankind is not possible, science can use natural phenomena for a deeper study of the Universe. One of them was recognized as a cosmic storm. He, according to scientists, able to carry chemical traces of organic matter over great distances, thereby to serve as proof of the existence of life on some planet. In this regard, the astronomers intend to focus on the study of storms and their chemical component.

Previously, NASA experts said that they became aware of the cosmic phenomenon that nearly destroyed humanity. We are talking about the explosion of two neutron stars. Fragments of celestial bodies, the researchers found a month ago.

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