Scientists finally realized that accelerates aging: study results

Ученые наконец поняли, что ускоряет старение: результаты исследования

As it became known, scientists call the factors that contribute to faster aging

This is stated in the Michigan study.

Thus, the experiment involved more than 250 students students internship. Before they began training, they measured the telomere length. Their function is to protect DNA from damage during cell division. According to experts, these telomeres are a marker of cellular aging. The older human cells, the shorter telomeres of the DNA.

Ученые наконец поняли, что ускоряет старение: результаты исследования

After graduation, the measurements were repeated. So it became clear that in the process of hard study and regular mental strain aging DNA increased 6 times. According to scientists, this result led constant stress, long-lasting brain load and in parallel, hard work.
Thus, it was concluded that all of these processes significantly reduces the duration of life and contribute to the rapid aging of the body.

Ученые наконец поняли, что ускоряет старение: результаты исследования

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We will remind, earlier it was written that scientists conducted an experiment, which found out how the sport affects the rate of aging and the appearance of gray hair. It was found that people who exercise regularly with moderate power loads telomeres eventually lengthened, and the number of telomerase — the enzyme responsible for maintaining telomeres — increased. These indicators are very important in the cellular anti-aging. Typically, the telomeres decrease with time, after which the cells die instead of continue to share. This adversely affects not only the appearance of gray hair and wrinkles on the face but also on the cardiovascular and nervous system.

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