Scientists figured out how to save the lives of diabetics

Ученые придумали, как спасти жизнь диабетиков

Scientists have accomplished Prorva in medicine and figured out how to make life easier for people with diabetes who need insulin injections

American scientists have created the first insulin pill. Now necessary for diabetics hormone can be taken in form of pills.

Worldwide, around 340 million people suffer from diabetes. Almost half of them requires several insulin injections a day.

Ученые придумали, как спасти жизнь диабетиков

Researchers are reminded that if you just take and drink the insulin, the substance does not immediately get into the bloodstream. In addition, this is a pretty strong hormone overdose which is dangerous for patients.

Many diabetics would like to insulin was in the form of tablets. To date, however, such dosage forms was not simple. Now scientists have come up with pills that do not lose their medicinal properties under the action of gastric juice. The insulin molecule to enter the bloodstream at the right dosage.

For the project was invented by a special sheath, which chemists call “ionic liquid”. This is a unique anhydrous substance, consisting of salts which behaves like a liquid due to low temperature melting. It was a kind of liquid armor for medication.

The shell is resistant to the action of juices and enzymes in the intestine during the movement of pills on it. Capsule adapts to the individual pH level. In the acidic environment of the pill does not change its structure. In the alkaline intestine ionic liquid gradually disintegrates, releasing the insulin.

The invention pass all the required tests on animals. Experts hope that their insulin pills after a few years, will be available for patients in regular pharmacies.

Ученые придумали, как спасти жизнь диабетиков

We will remind as diabetes to obscure: the recommendations of doctors.

Symptoms of diabetes of the second type is hardly visible, if you follow the recommendations of doctors. Millions of people worldwide suffer from type II diabetes, which is considered an incurable disease. But there are several ways to reverse its symptoms.

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