Scientists explained the reason for the disappearance of the sunspots

Scientists commented on the lack of sunspots. Experts assert that this phenomenon is not dangerous for the population of the planet Earth.

The theme of the disappearance of the spots on the surface of the Sun has become the most urgent among the inhabitants of the Blue planet. This phenomenon has been actively studied by scientists around the world. One of the leading experts of the BFU named after I. Kant Alexei Bigelow commented on the disappearance of sunspots, as some decrease in activity of the sun. He is convinced that by itself this event does not pose a risk to humans, but it is still worth it to look.

Because of the Sun directly depends on the state of life on Earth. Any process which occurs on the surface of this object in the Solar system that can affect its overall state. According to the scientist Bagasheva, solar activity is regulated by the process Schwabe-wolf. One cycle is a period of 11 years. At this point in time, the experts see that is the transition period between cycles.

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