Scientists explained the myth about the dangers of salt for humanity

Ученые объяснили миф о вреде соли для человечества

This product is harmless and even beneficial in moderation.

Salt is not harmful for consumption. Contrary to popular belief among the scientific community believed that the sodium chloride is an important chemical compound for the human body. We are talking only about moderate use. This writes the Lancet, citing a group of canadian scientists.

According to the paradigm adopted in medicine, salt intake is likely to cause a problem with the cardiovascular system, as it can increase blood pressure. This, in turn, may cause myocardial infarction.

But a new study by experts from Canada suggests that salt is more harmful than hundreds of other products that he uses every day.

There is no connection between salt intake and heart disease. The exceptions are citizens of China who really have this risk because of the huge consumption of soy sauce.

Diseases, provoked by the lack of salt in the diet can disturb the person a lot more stressed scientists.

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