Scientists: early type I diabetes reduced women’s life nearly 18 years

Учёные: ранний диабет первого типа сократил жизнь женщин почти на 18 лет

European scientists analyzed data on nearly 30 thousand Swedes with diabetes of the first type.

Recently the scientific staff from Europe were able to detect a relationship between age of diagnosis of diabetes first type, ie the so-called insulin of diabetes, and development of diseases of the cardiovascular system. As it became known, women who become diabetic before the age of 10 years, the lifetime was reduced by almost 18 years, and for males was 14.2 years.

The outcome of the relevant study group of scientists under the leadership of Ravshan Araz (Araz Rawshani) from the University of Gothenburg was published in the weekly peer-reviewed medical journal The Lancet.

The collected data on 27195 patients with type I diabetes and 135178 healthy people, and then compared them.

In the end, scientists came to the conclusion that those who are diagnosed with diabetes at an early age, the risk of getting a serious disease of the cardiovascular system are higher by about 30 times. In addition, the stronger effect was observed in the fairer sex.

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