Scientists dispelled the myth about the benefits of healthy foods: “cause irreparable”

Ученые развеяли миф о пользе здоровых продуктов: "приводят к непоправимому"

Scientists dispelled the myth about the popular “healthy” foods

Healthy food increase life expectancy and improve our health, but even those products that are considered to be healthy, can cause irreparable harm to the person, writes the Telegraph.

Fat-free products. Of course, the use of a smaller amount of fat is good for health, but completely to eliminate fat is dangerous. It is better to consume food that naturally contains a minimum of fat like fruits and vegetables.

Ученые развеяли миф о пользе здоровых продуктов: "приводят к непоправимому"

The quick-cooking oats. It contains a large amount of hydrogenated soybean oil, salt, and sugar. All this increase your body fat that clog arteries.

Frozen fish and products from it. In the manufacture of these dishes used the sodium tripolyphosphate, which acts as a preservative. This component is hazardous to health, it increases the salt level in the body.

Salad dressings. Commercially available salad dressings typically contain a lot of sugar and fat. And these components lead to obesity, so it’s best these refills to make your own.

Protein bars. Contain sugar, artificial sweeteners, burnt sugar that can result in toxic combinations. It’s not too good for health.

Fruit smoothies and juices. Have increased levels of corn syrup, which is not very useful for our body. In addition, fruit smoothies are packaged in plastic containers containing bisphenol-A.

Energy. Studies show that excess energy drinks are extremely harmful to the liver.

Brown rice. Because of the high mercury level long-term consumption of brown rice may increase the risk of tumors of the skin, bladder and lungs.

Cheesecakes. Contain a lot of fat, sugar and salt. This combination increases the overall calories and leads to weight gain.

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Ученые развеяли миф о пользе здоровых продуктов: "приводят к непоправимому"

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