Scientists discovered in the Sahara, the remains of sea monsters: the incredible discovery

Ученые обнаружили в Сахаре остатки морских чудовищ: невероятная находка

Scientists have found that in Africa, where now only sand, was once a huge pond with a depth of 50 meters

Giant catfish and a sea snake once lived in the part of the planet Earth, which is now known as the Sahara desert. This is stated in a new study that provides the first reconstruction of extinct marine species of the ancient TRANS-Saharan sea.

So, in parts of Africa, where now only sand, was once a sea depth of 50 meters. It covered three thousand square kilometres of land. Now there is the largest desert in the world. Marine sediment, which remained to our times, filled with fossilized remains. They helped scientists to reconstruct the appearance of the countryside, filled with life.

Ученые обнаружили в Сахаре остатки морских чудовищ: невероятная находка

Approximately 50-100 million years ago Northern Mali “had the appearance of modern Puerto Rico,” says paleontologist Maureen O’leary, who led the study.

The sun shone on one of the first species of mangrove trees, and the mollusks inhabited the seabed. Studies also formally gave the names of the geological units, literally the first time by placing the region on a geological map. It is described as a sea in the Sahara had existed for over 50 million years of its existence.

According to O’leary, there were 1.6 million kgs, 12.3 million sea snakes and 1.2 million Pycnogenol (ancient form of vertebrate fish). Assessing the remains of these creatures, the scientists came to the conclusion that during the late Cretaceous and early Paleogene Saharan creatures differed giantism.

Note that canadian researchers at the University of Saskatchewan found the ancient tunnels that dug multicellular organisms that lived on the ocean floor half a billion years ago. Previously, scientists had assumed that the period under water lacked oxygen, which is needed for invertebrates.

Ученые обнаружили в Сахаре остатки морских чудовищ: невероятная находка

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