Scientists discovered a unique planet: “neptunovskim desert”

Ученые обнаружили уникальную планету: «нептуновская пустыня»

In the Universe discovered a new planet, the existence of which is considered absolutely impossible

The planet is unique and its study today come from scientists.

Exoplanet has already received the name – NGTS-4b. It’s a little less than Neptune and three times as much Land and 20 times harder. It is located much closer to its star. Experts were confident that this is simply impossible, reports 24 channel.

Ученые обнаружили уникальную планету: «нептуновская пустыня»

The calculations showed that the temperature of the surface of a new planet to thousands of degrees Celsius. It makes one revolution around its star for 1.3 earth days.

Scientists surprised by his discovery. They claim That this is the first outer body, which ushered in the “neptunovskim the desert.” The fact that the plot for all objects the effect of the strong radiation, and the planet cannot retain its gas atmosphere. But NGTS-4b available.

Experts believe that it could happen or because of the large size of the celestial body and its atmosphere all in the air. Or planet ended up in the “neptunovskim the wilderness” recently.

As previously reported, if the mysterious planet Nibiru is attacking our planet, it will cause the Earth’s poles to switch places, which will lead to a global catastrophe.

Ufologists are very pessimistic about meeting the planet killer Nibiru and Earth. According to them, after the fatal collision Blue planet only an hour.

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Conspiracy theorists told about the consequences in the event of a collision of a mysterious planet with Earth. According to them, Nibiru will bring us not only the changes of the poles, but the terrible earthquake and apocalyptic storms, writes the Sun.

And, according to ufologists, 90% of the population of the Earth will be destroyed in the first 60 minutes after the collision.

Ученые обнаружили уникальную планету: «нептуновская пустыня»

Note that the conspiracy theories about the end of the world say that the Earth’s collision with a mysterious planet X said in ancient Sumerian texts. At the same time, scientists insist that Nibiru does not exist, allegedly, there is no scientific evidence, and is a fiction of conspiracy theorists.

At the same time, a respected researcher from the USA David Montaigne has published calculations according to which, under the influence of close approaching Earth Nibiru will start apoplectic destruction and natural anomalies. And it will happen December 21, 2019.

Recall that the prophecies of Vanga come true: the devil planet Nibiru closer than ever, photos.

As reported Politeka, a dangerous menace from outer space approaching Earth: “Nibiru will seem like nothing”.

Also Politeka wrote that scientists announced the terrible news, “until the end of the world still have 44 days”: Nibiru will incinerate the Earth.