Scientists: Dead man realizes that he is dead

American scientists from new York University found that the dead man for some time remains “in the mind” and understands that he is no longer alive. After stopping the death, the human brain is still alive and able to perceive what is happening around.

Long-term study was conducted by experts Langone medical center relating to University. Now Scientists say that death should be viewed as a gradual process, but human life does not end with cardiac arrest.

The researchers say that the brains of the dead functions and remembers information, but can not command the body to move my arm or say a word. Accordingly, a person realizes that he is no longer alive. It can last up to several hours, scientists say.

Thus, the study once again confirmed the theory that death, as it is believed to be officially not really quite the exact wording of what happens to a person after the heart stops. To that scientists pushed the mass of testimonies of survivors of clinical death. About half of them could tell what was happening around them during the blackout, and some quite accurate and detail to reproduce all the details.

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