Scientists create deadly viruses and mutations: the truth, which is not in itself

Ученые создают опасные вирусы и мутации: всплыла правда, от которой не по себе

Scientists create viruses in order to accelerate human development

As recently became known, the new viruses are not the experiments of nature, and the fruit of the work of scientists. According to the statement, strains help humanity to evolve faster, making him physically tougher. Thanks to new micro-organisms people are starting to adapt better.

An accelerated process of adaptation is briefly called VEGAS, it was invented by scientists from the University of North Carolina. Head of the research group Brian Roth has even presented a scientific paper in the journal Cell. It was noted that experts were able to introduce the technology of virus fever Sinbad, which is able to infect mammalian cells. The virus itself does not pose a risk, he just has some mutated genes that are designed to perform the desired function in the host cell.

Ученые создают опасные вирусы и мутации: всплыла правда, от которой не по себе

Experts at the expense of new technology has created a new variant of the tetracycline-controlled activating factor (tTA) ? protein, which usually neutralizes tetracycline, doxycycline and other antibiotics. After the completion of the scientific work appeared in the protein 22 mutations, one of which is immunity to the drugs. Under normal conditions, the process of adaptation it would take 2-3 months.

Recall that earlier Neizvestny science and medicine, the virus began to take human life. Flash was probably in Bolivia, there is recorded the first cases of infection of a previously unknown deadly virus.

“Already registered one death is a doctor from the province of Caranavi. From the deceased had contracted two other physicians. Under supervision of physicians there are also three women who had contact with doctors.”

It is known that in the tests the doctors have already ruled out viruses such dengue, chikungunya or flu:

“To strengthen the medical team of Bolivian experts arrived in the country a specialist in Infectology from Brazil. Also, the pan American health organization (PAHO) was invited to collaborate with two other doctors.”

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Ученые создают опасные вирусы и мутации: всплыла правда, от которой не по себе

How dangerous the virus is and how quickly it can spread to other continents is unknown, however, risks in this regard is extremely high.

Recall also, on the border with Russia have registered a case of epidemic threat propagating. Two people died from the bubonic plague in the province of Bayan-ölgii in Mongolia.

Recall of the dangerous virus decimated the country: “from the beginning of the year 800 deaths”

As reported Politeka, an ecological disaster drove people to despair under the Dnieper.

Politeka also wrote that fire disaster looms over Kiev declared emergency hazard.