Scientists caught a shark-the age of Shakespeare: the oldest on the planet, photos of a giant

Ученые поймали акулу-ровесницу Шекспира: самая старая на планете, фото гиганта

Scientists caught the animal in the Atlantic, was born in the time of William Shakespeare

Danish scientists caught in the North Atlantic shark, which was born, according to some estimates, in 1505. Such a fantastic figure makes this old fish observed vertebrates on the planet.

A trapped animal belongs to the species of the Greenland shark is notable for its longevity. The shark, which is the female reaches a length of 18 feet, or 5.5 meters. Given that Greenland sharks grow about a centimeter a year, caught the animal looks like a giant.

Ученые поймали акулу-ровесницу Шекспира: самая старая на планете, фото гиганта

According to some researchers, sexual maturity, these fish reach up to about a hundred years. In order to determine the age of fish, had to resort to the technique of radiocarbon Dating. The results of the study showed that fish — 392 years, but the potential error means that the real age of the animal is somewhere between 272 and 512 years.

Scientists attribute the longevity of this species is very sluggish metabolism and low temperature environment. It is noted that a cold environment can help to slow down aging, and these centuries-old sharks, of course, is proof of that.

By the way, look at the pictures of Greenland sharks and other marine life in Instagram one of the participants of the expedition, Professor of the University of Copenhagen Julius Nielsen. Sharks you can search by tag #tagandrelease — “identified and released”.

Scientists have discovered an ancient species of shark that exists on the planet about 180 000 000 years. Experts have filmed close contact with one of the oldest species on Earth — shestistrunnoi shark. The experts, led by Dean Grubbs from the State University of Florida, made a dive in a submarine under the name of “Nadir” as part of the expedition organized by OceanX. The goal was to see one of the sharks in its deep waters.

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During one of the dives the team was fortunate to approach and come into contact with the female shestistrunnoi shark, which is considered one of the largest in the world. Researchers say that it is “much more than a submarine”. At one point the shark even tried to bite off a harpoon mounted on the ship.

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