Scientists call the products that are best avoided before a date: “not having Sex”

Ученые назвали продукты, которые лучше избегать перед свиданием: «Секса не будет"

Hard to believe, but some foods can play a cruel joke with you in bed. The fact is that they reduce testosterone

Scientists have named the 7 foods that can not only reduce, but not to kill for some time libido. When consumption decreases in the body testosterone, which leads to the disappearance of libido.

Food metabolism put human energy, so the food is directly associated with “sexy” moods and possibilities. Many people know about products that can reduce libido, but not everyone can tell their names.

Experts said that in the case of plans for a romantic date is better to exclude from the diet 7 components.

Ученые назвали продукты, которые лучше избегать перед свиданием: «Секса не будет"

1. Legumes. The effect of using them in large quantities equal to that of soybean.

2. Products containing soy. Soy is a phytoestrogen, similar in structure to the female hormone oestrogen, which can lead to lower testosterone levels.

3. Salinity and meats, fatty foods. Their negative impact on the heart and blood vessels cannot be overemphasized. Daily intake of salt per day which amounts to 5 grams.

4. Sugar. It should be consumed in moderation, as a large dose of sucrose will lead to a surge in blood insulin and, consequently, to a decrease of testosterone.

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5. Caffeine. Testosterone is dulled as when drinking coffee and energy drinks.

6. Products with nutritional yeast. Pastries, kvass, beer — should be refused before and during a romantic evening.

7. Alcohol. Once in the body, it affects the whole system. As for topics, the consumption of alcohol leads to a decrease in the intensity of supply of the genital organs blood, Central nervous system signals that it is time to go to sleep. Scientists recommend date only one glass of white or dry red wine.

Ученые назвали продукты, которые лучше избегать перед свиданием: «Секса не будет"

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