Scientists call the ideal age for marriage: “once and for life”

Ученые назвали идеальный возраст для вступления в брак: "раз и на всю жизнь"

Scientists have determined an ideal age for marriage

Recently the British newspaper The Independent, shared the results of research of group of scientists under the leadership of Dr. Nicholas Wolfinger, the purpose of which was to determine the most optimal age for marriage, according to Сosmopolitаn.

Researchers have done a lot of work, after analyzing thousands of personal questionnaires and conducted surveys among couples of different ages.

Ученые назвали идеальный возраст для вступления в брак: "раз и на всю жизнь"

It turned out that the ideal age for marriage, and marriage is the age from 28 to 32 years. Scientist says that people who got married at this age tend to be more happily married, and the divorce rate among them is very low. If we talk about the large percentage of divorces and separations, it is typical for couples who got married very young (18-20 years) or closer to forty years.

According to Wolfinger, this is because young people do not have life experience and perceive the relationship with the youthful maximalism and those who decided to tie the knot closer to forty years, perceive this step as a last chance, which inadequately evaluate partner.

We will remind that the party of the dance project “dancing with the stars” surprised fans in a fateful decision and its consequences. So, we are talking about Eugene Cote and Nataliya Tatarintseva, who have decided to become husband and wife. For the honeymoon they chose the island of Moorea in Tahiti.

Ученые назвали идеальный возраст для вступления в брак: "раз и на всю жизнь"

“Moorea island is considered a Paradise for honeymooners. The shape of the island resembles a heart. Well, the entourage meets romantic mood: white sand, turquoise water, amazing nature, comfortable Bungalow! This is one of the most picturesque Islands of French Polynesia, to spend the wedding ceremony couples come from around the world,” he said.

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