Scientists call people who can’t drink brew: very dangerous

Ученые назвали людей, которым нельзя пить квас: очень опасно

It turns out that harmless kvass not all equally useful

Contrary to popular belief that the brew — it is a safe beverage that you can drink even children, to use there are significant contraindications, the website Сlutch.

The use of the kvass should be minimized in the first place, those who have serious problems with the digestive system, especially if you drink the brew on an empty stomach.

The fact that the stomach by drinking kvass the fermentation occurs with the release of fruit and dairy acids, which is highly undesirable for those who are already suffering from any problems with the gastrointestinal tract. And the excessive use of the brew can cause similar problems even for those who are completely healthy.

Ученые назвали людей, которым нельзя пить квас: очень опасно

The second contraindication is the presence of diseases of the liver, pancreas and bladder.

And finally, drink kvass is undesirable to drivers of vehicles and to women during pregnancy, because it may contain alcohol, especially if you drink home.

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